Central Brevard Sharing Center
Amateur Backyard BBQ Contest Rules

Welcome and thank you for participating in the Central Brevard Amateur Backyard BBQ
Competition. Know that your hard work and love of BBQ will benefit the Sharing Center’s
Children’s Weekend Feeding Program, by providing food to children in need while school is out.

1. This is a BBQ contest for amateur cookers. Ensure all registered teams and team members have not competed in professional / judged BBQ events.

2. Participating BBQ Cook Teams will be judged by a panel of judges for First and Second Place Trophies. BBQ Teams will be providing BBQ samples for the people attending this event. Each ticketed person attending this event will vote for their choice of The Best BBQ. The winning BBQ Team will be awarded the People’s Choice Award Banner for the
best BBQ.

3. Entry Teams must pre‐register to compete. Competition is limited, so register early. The entry fee is $125.00 to enter the contest in the categories of chicken, beef and pork. This is a ticketed event competition and each team is required to participate in the public sampling portion of this event. Each team will bring and prepare minimum required meat for event outlined in the event registration.

4. Applications will be accepted starting January 01, 2017. No refunds will be made after March 17, 2017, regardless of reason.

5. All cooker information, including acceptance into contest, will be sent via email. Should your email change at any time, it is your responsibility to notify the Competition Committee.

6. Persons 18 years and older are eligible to compete in the Central Brevard Amateur Backyard BBQ Competition. Please, no professional cookers.

7. Cooking grills and associated support equipment will be assigned to their predetermined sites. Sites will be assigned at 12:00 PM on Friday, March 30; Teams will pick their site based upon order of when application and payment are received.

8. Set‐up may begin after 12:00 p.m. on Friday, March 30. Vehicles may enter the BBQ area for unloading/Loading during the cooking process, but must be removed from the cooking area by 9:00 a.m. Saturday, to keep area clear for foot traffic and event parking. Competitor’s sites must be cleaned and vacated by 7:00 PM, April 01, 2017.

9. Meat must be inspected before cooking. Meat inspections will be conducted prior to initiating any cooking or prep process. All Meat must be raw, non‐marinated and in original packaging.

10. Cook teams are responsible for refrigeration of meat before it’s cooked.

11. Holding temperature must be 40 degrees or less. Coolers are acceptable.

12. All cooked meat must be maintained at a minimum temperature of 140 degrees.

13. All BBQ sample meat will be served to the public by the cook teams starting at 12 p.m. on Saturday, April 01.

14. Forks, napkins and soufflé cups will be provided for the sample portion of the event.

15. Any type of grill is permissible ‐ wood, gas, charcoal or pellets. Electrical smokers are not recommended due to the lack of additional electrical power.

16. A MANDATORY Cooks’ Meeting will be held Friday, March 30th, at 5:30 p.m. at F. Burton Smith Park Pavilion. Meeting will cover rules and judging procedures. A representative from each team must be present at the meeting.

17. The Head Cook will be responsible for the conduct of his/her team and guests.

18. Contestants judged entrees must be submitted in the Styrofoam boxes (9”x9”) provided by the competition committee. Each box must contain at least seven identifiable pieces, with no garnish, foil covering or decorations. Numbers will be assigned at the time of submission.

19. Contest turn in times are, Chicken 12:00 p.m., Beef 12:45 p.m. and Pork 1:30 p.m. Entrees may be turned in five minutes before, until five minutes after each turn‐in time to be judged.

20. Entrees are judged for Appearance, Taste, and Tenderness.

21. Each ticketed attendee to the event will have an opportunity to vote for the best BBQ team. Each team will be provided a ballot box for the event. Voting will stop at 4:00 p.m. and awarded at trophy presentation.

22. Each BBQ Team will be provided one (1) eight (8) ft table under the pavilion to serve BBQ samples to the public.

23. Each team will be provided four (4) heated chafing dishes, pans and utensils for the public samples of prepared meat. Notify event committee if assistance is needed prior to the event.

24. Water and cleaning stations are available in the pavilion kitchen.

25. No outside food or drinks will be sold by Competitors and teams. Competitors wanting to sell sealed sauces, products or items, must pre‐register as a vendor and set up a booth in vendor area.

26. Absolutely NO pets are allowed.

27. Safety of this event is paramount! Any unsafe acts or safety issues identified by the BBQ Event Committee may cause removal from the event.

28. No commercial vending or solicitation allowed in the event area. Vendor spaces are available. Contact BBQ event staff for information.

29. No outside distribution of alcoholic beverages is permitted during the event. Under no circumstances are teams to distribute alcoholic beverages to the public.

30. The distribution of any flyers or pamphlets of any kind, without prior approval from the BBQ Committee Director is not permitted.

31. Awards will be announced at 4:45 PM. Judges Trophies for first and second place will be
awarded to teams competing in each category for chicken, beef and pork. A People’s Choice Winners Banner will be awarded to the top voted team.

Note: Event rules may be modified and/or changed at the discretion of the BBQ Committee.


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